Black or white? Friday’s sale madness turns on the Vistula River

  • During the Black Friday Internet shops are visited by as many as 20% of Internet users from the Vistula, i.e. almost 5.3 million people.
  • According to forecasts, in 2018 the average Pole plans to spend 645 PLN on Black Friday.
  • In Poland, during Friday’s sale, discounts will reach an average of 46%, the global average is 55%.

Black on white shows that over the last five years the interest in reducing prices at Black Friday has doubled among consumers (according to Google Trends analyses). This is also confirmed by research conducted in 55 countries by Black Friday Global. The number of Black Friday transactions increases compared to other trading days. Recently a record-breaking result has been achieved in Pakistan (jumping by more than 11500%). The second place went to Hungarians (9800% more), the third place on the podium was taken by Italians (4,516% increase). For comparison, Polish consumers made 692% more purchases during the considered period. According to a study by Black Friday Global for 95% of Poles, Black Friday is not black magic – they know the idea of a one-day sale. This year, nearly 60% of the surveyed Poles expressed their willingness to take part in a promotional campaign. Compared to the previous year, this means an increase of almost 10%. Consumers also indicated that they will benefit from sales both in stationary shops and online shops. According to the report Does Black Friday drive e-commerce, prepared by Gemius, every fifth e-consumer, i.e. almost 5.3 million people, visits online shops during these sales actions. Reason? Statistically, each buyer in the promotion period will save the whole PLN 550.

Black Friday – white raven of promotion

More and more Internet users are not afraid of shopping online. Nearly half of them (49%) find online shopping easy and pleasant, and 26% consider it completely safe. Consumers believe that one of the most important advantages of online shopping is that e-shops are available 24 hours a day.

Paweł Wyborski, the CEO of QuarticOn, a company offering a recommendation engine for the e-commerce industry, says:

Comparing data from reports with online shopping trends and analysis of the behaviour of Polish e-consumers – the prospect of record sales peaks during Black Friday is real.

Online shopping is mainly used by people under 34 years of age (64%), who have at least secondary education and have a positive opinion of their material position.

Paweł Wyborski also comments:

According to Black Friday Global’s estimates, the average Kowalski plans to spend PLN 645 during this year’s Friday sale. A large and significant part of this amount will go to e-shops, intensifying their marketing efforts around Black Friday, i.e. the period starting the Christmas sales season. Owners of e-shops add banners about Black Friday and special promotional actions on their websites. Some even count down to the start of the sale. Black Friday, like any other promotional campaign, builds the brand image. Although it also has its dark sides: price manipulation, additional entries in small print, these are only some negative examples that should be avoided if we want to remain credible during subsequent promotional campaigns.

Who will convince us that black is black?

Answer: prices. In the United States, discounts will reach as much as 68 per cent, in Canada and Ukraine – 66 per cent, and in Russia – 58 per cent. And in Poland? The result of 46% ranks us slightly below the average of 55%. Last year’s Black Friday Polish consumers (46% of indications in the GfK study) most willingly bought clothes, shoes and underwear, 37% of them decided to buy electronic equipment, 31% invested in home furnishings, 20% purchased cosmetics at good prices, about 14% of them purchased sports equipment. Less frequently, books, toys and articles for do-it-yourself were bought.

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