We realise that starting work at a new company can be stressful. At QuarticOn, we want our new employees to feel happy and welcomed from the moment they arrive, which is why a smooth onboarding process is particularly important to us.

What do you gain as an employee?

  • you will quickly feel an integral part of our company
  • you will learn perfectly what our company really does
  • you will learn the detailed scope of your duties
  • you will enrich your knowledge about our services, processes and marketing

We make every effort to implement all of the above in an atmosphere of support, which gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, as well as familiarise yourself with the nature of work in your new position.

The onboarding process consists of two stages. These are:

Our HR department support

The support of our HR specialist, Marta, begins on the first day of your work and covers the formal issues at the very beginning, such as signing a contract (if it has not been signed earlier) and the process for paying your wages. She will also tell you about our company, our values, developed principles of cooperation at the office and employee benefits. In addition, she will show you an Internet platform where you can submit holiday requests and use the knowledge base. You will get an entrance card and be given any equipment that you need for your role.

Supervisor support

The scope of onboarding duties of your supervisor is, first of all, introducing you to your duties and organising any product or technical training that is required for your role. This part of the process is completely dependent on the position you occupy and matched to an individual implementation path, established together with your supervisor.

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