About the brand

Wittchen is a Polish family business with over 30 years of history. It is considered one of the most recognisable brands, both on the domestic and European-wide market. Wittchen’s reliable approach to values, style and the quality of products is one of the reasons why they are respected among customers. The company’s offer symbolises timeless fashion and neatly combines modernity with tradition. It includes mainly leather goods, accessories and clothing.


Wittchen’s priority was to make the product search process easier. The realisation of the above ultimately also resulted in:

  • improving sales
  • increasing user engagement on the website
  • shortening the customer’s path to products
  • reducing bouce rate

Solutions introduced at the client’s site within AI ​​Smart Search

AI Smart Search is an internal search engine based on artificial intelligence algorithms that shortens the path between the user and the product. Thanks to functionalities such as:

  • recognising errors and typos in entries
  • autocomplete
  • managing synonyms
  • advanced filtering and sorting

the product search process is precise, fast and efficient.

The scope of introduced functionalities


Autocomplete function

After entering the first 3 characters in the search box, the customer automatically receives hints for their entry. AI Smart Search shows relevant products in less than 0.2 seconds and enables them to go to the full search results (See more search results button).

Recognising errors and typos

Thanks to the functionality of recognising errors and typos, the search engine suggests products with a name similar to the word entered in the search box.

0,1% is the number of searches without results registered in the customer panel. AI Smart Search minimises the risk of displaying zero searches thanks to built-in mechanisms for recognising errors/typos and managing synonyms (own and industry-specific) or various language forms (Polish adjectives vs nouns).


For our client we have prepared a personalised SERP page that meets their requirements both in terms of the relevancy and presentation of results. We applied custom style adjustments to match the look of the SERP page with the general look of the shop’s website.


Customised filtering of results –filters are created automatically based on the entries typed by the user; in addition to standard filtering by price and first-tier category, we also implemented advanced filtering by second-tier category, colour and material.

We used standard and advanced sorting options:

  • popularity
  • discount volume
  • index
  • new products


Additional information isdisplayed in the product tile: a discount, category label, manufacturer, new price vs. old price, Add to Compare button. The hover effect was also used: when the customer hovers the cursor over a tile, the way the product is presented changes (side-front).

We have also implemented an alternative way of loading the list of results. After clicking the Show more results button, another batch of products is displayed on the same subpage. The customer uses a scroll to navigate the SERP (top/bottom ofthe page).


Our search engine is also used by Wittchen traditional (offline) shops to support them insearching for products by their codes. The multi-channel use of AI Smart Search facilitates customer service and increases the work efficiency of the entire sales team.


Improvement in comparison to the previous search engine:

  • conversion by 24%
  • number of searches by 51%
  • bounce rate o 93%
  • search exits o 16%

The customer panel made it possible tocheck the results in real time as well as to monitor the most important KPIs and statistics on the search process in thee‑shop, study the phrase and product report, test the search process and manage synonyms.

Client’s opinion

The decision to trust QuarticOn was dictated by the desire to optimise costs – technologyof this type is always a promise to improve the processes taking place between thecustomer and the shop, as well as increase revenues. But in this case, it didn’t stop withpromises. What is supposed to work simply works. The search engine helps customersfind products faster and accurately targets their needs. Equipping the tool with functionsaimed at understanding the customer is an invaluable asset. QuarticOn is very effectiveand the implementation is trouble-free. Taking into account all these factors, we decidedto approach the implementation comprehensively and reached for all the tools that thecompany offers.

Arkadiusz Jesionek, Internet Technology Manager

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