Why is it worthwhile to personalise your communication with customers?

The study conducted by the research company AgilOne shows that 70% of people shopping in online shops expect individual treatment. More and more people focus not only on personalisation in terms of shopping proposals, but also on communication. Why is personalisation so important in e-commerce? We invite you to read it!

What is personalisation all about?

The purpose of personalisation is to reach a potential customer with a tailor-made message. The one that will be interesting for him and encourage him to get acquainted with the shop’s offer and, as a result, to place an order. Adapting the offer to the needs of a specific target group is based on the collected information – about the needs, activities and interests of customers. Accurate recognition of customer preferences makes online shops increase their chances of making transactions and stay ahead of the competition. What is important, the whole process of communication with the customer can be personalised. From a personal greeting on the website, to passing through subsequent subpages with a tailored offer, and to individual after-sales service.

How to personalise communication?

In the customer service process, you can focus not only on a personalised form of addressing the recipient. First of all, it is worth basing on all available data that the e-shop has about a specific user: how often he or she buys from them, what is the value of his or her shopping basket, what products he or she is interested in. Skilful use of this information in communication with customers will make them feel important and appreciated. This in turn may influence the decision to buy and remain a loyal customer.

Advantages of personalised communication

Personalisation of communication with customers gives marketers the opportunity to better identify and understand the needs and expectations of the target group. This means that they can respond to them in the right way. Additionally, an individualized message can be one of the key decision factors when choosing a particular online shop. Potential customers willingly visit websites where they are sure to find the products and services, they are interested in. They prefer those that value their time and give the impression of nice and professional care. Providing personalised information and relevant offer recommendations not only increases the number of customers, but also their level of loyalty to the shop. This is the easiest way to establish long-term customer relationships.

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