We build a virtual e-commerce manager

We are a technology company that uses big data and artificial intelligence algorithms to personalise the space of online shops and to automate and improve their marketing and sales processes.

Through our products, we implement the vision of a self-improving virtual e-commerce manager who builds the company’s value and engages its customers in convenient shopping.

After implementing the solutions we propose, online shops record up to 15% increase in sales and triple customer engagement.

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Basic information

Full name QuarticOn joint-stock company
Short name QuarticOn S.A.
Quotation market NewConnect
Address ul. Grzybowska 80/82,
00-844 Warsaw
Phone +48 22 844 02 51
E-mail investors@server828971.nazwa.pl
Website www.quarticon.com
CEO Paweł Wyborski
Market maker

Brokerage house BDM S.A.

ul. Stojałowskiego 27
43-300 Bielsko-Biała
phone: 33 812-84-40
fax: 33 812-84-42
e-mail: bdm@bdm.pl

Why is it worth investing in the e-commerce market?

the value of global e-commerce retail sales by 2023
the projected value of the e-commerce market in Poland in 2027

Polish e-commerce market is considered one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in Europe.

How do we fit into the current trends?

We direct our products and services to online shops operating in e-commerce based on their your own domain or marketplace. Our applications are available on the most popular e‑commerce platforms.

We support multi-channel sales by developing multidimensional products tailored to each stage of the customer’s life in the online shop.

We build positive customer experience by personalising offers and shortening the distance between them and the product.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to analyse acquired data in real time. E-commerce is grounded on new technology – it is estimated that 7.3 billion dollars will be spent on it around the world by 2022.

We support the functioning of over 300 e-shops in 20 countries around the world.

Our clients include brands:

After testing various solutions available on the market, DUKA decided to return to QuarticOn tools. At the first contact I was captivated by the quality of customer service, and this cannot be replaced by any sales and marketing jargon or numbers on the invoice. It is also worth noting that the customer’s panel itself is user-friendly and its operation is straightforward. We approached the implementation comprehensively, deciding on the full offer. Thanks to this, we have a holistic view of what has changed and what the effects are, and these are really impressive. First of all, in the first month after the implementation of the recommendation engine, sales increased by 11%, and after the implementation of AI Smart Search by another 14%. The statistics show that customers stay longer on our website and more often finish their visit by placing an order. This is mainly due to the personalisation of the offer, the elimination of empty searches and effective communication. However, the biggest surprise for us is the 40% increase in the total number of users who use the modern tools – this is thanks to the 1st party cookie integration. Congratulations to QuarticOn on flexibility and good market research!

Aleksandra Burdon, Senior Performance Marketing Specialist w DUKA

Additional information and resources

Quarticon latest news

28 December 2021
Signing a grant agreement with the National Center for Research and Development

QuarticOn S.A. confirmed the signing by NCRD of the contract for co-financing the "AI Stylista Fashion" project, an AI-based tool that will act as a virtual assistant in online clothing sales.

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8 December 2021
Key directions of the QuarticOn development until 2024

The development directions adopted by QuarticOn provides for the development of the Company based on two business segments: the CDXP platform and the AI ​​Fashion Stylist.

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27 September 2021
The National Center for Research and Development has selected the QuarticOn project for co-financing in the amount of approximately PLN 4.7 million

The National Center for Research and Development will subsidise the QuarticOn project, which concerns an intelligent solution aimed mainly at e-commerce in the fashion industry.

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