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28 December 2021
Signing a grant agreement with the National Center for Research and Development

QuarticOn S.A. confirmed the signing by NCRD of the contract for co-financing the "AI Stylista Fashion" project, an AI-based tool that will act as a virtual assistant in online clothing sales.

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8 December 2021
Key directions of the QuarticOn development until 2024

The development directions adopted by QuarticOn provides for the development of the Company based on two business segments: the CDXP platform and the AI ​​Fashion Stylist.

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27 September 2021
The National Center for Research and Development has selected the QuarticOn project for co-financing in the amount of approximately PLN 4.7 million

The National Center for Research and Development will subsidise the QuarticOn project, which concerns an intelligent solution aimed mainly at e-commerce in the fashion industry.

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22 September 2021
QuarticOn begins a review of strategic options

The review of strategic options will include the analysis and selection of optimal solutions supporting the company's development.

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24 June 2021
Information on new trade agreements

QuarticOn has signed agreements with VisionExpress and Miloohome for the use of the recommendation engine and the intelligent search engine Smart Search.

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4 May 2021
Information on new trade agreements

QuarticOn has signed a contract with Trolley.com.kw from Kuwait for the use of the AI ​​Personalized Recommendations Engine for e-commerce.

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4 March 2021
Information on a new trade agreement

QuarticOn has signed with Wittchen S.A. an agreement extending the cooperation as part of the use of the Company's technology for the next 12 months.

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19 February 2021
Information on new trade contracts

QuarticOn has signed a 12 months contract with Apart.pl for continuation and extending the scope of the contract to include foreign markets.

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19 January 2021
Information on quarterly sales revenues in 4th quarter

QuarticOn informs about the completion of postings and summarizes the sales data obtained in the SaaS (Software as a Service) channel.

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