QuarticOn gains access to nearly 14,000 online stores by launching sales on new e-commerce platforms

QuarticOn, the developer of AI-based systems for the support and personalisation of e-commerce and marketing processes, is continuing to pursue its development strategy on the SaaS channel. The company has just modified its proposition for its system on the Polish platform called Shoper (over 13,000 online stores), and launched a solution for the Slovak platform CreativeSites (more than 800 online stores). Thanks to its presence on these platforms, QuarticOn can scale up its business and simultaneously gain a large volume of customers from a number of markets.

The company’s strategy is based on three pillars of development – expanding into new markets, enlarging the product portfolio, and entering new sales channels to reach new customer groups.   As part of the third pillar, in August the QuarticOn technology was launched on the Shoptet platform (monthly subscription fee €20), which includes over 18,000 online stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The new subscription plans and applications for the Shoper (PLN 99 per month) and CreativeSites (€150 and €300 per month) platforms were a major boost to the availability of QuarticOn’s solutions on more e-commerce platforms for thousands of stores.

QuarticOn is consistently expanding its sales channels in a fully SaaS model. The plug-in for the Shoptet platform has been downloaded by 110 customers over the last month, and this with no marketing efforts to support it. By entering the Shopify and CreativeSites platforms, we are gaining access to nearly 14,000 new e-stores. We are planning to develop 1-2 new applications for selected platforms by the end of the year. Around late September/early October, we will be releasing our solution on Shopify a global platform with over 200,000 stores and our dedicated app is currently being revalidated“ Paweł Wyborski, founder and CEO of QuarticOn SA, summed up.

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